When may it not be the Best Idea to Dry a Carpet?

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Did you think that drying your soaked carpet anyways could save it?… NO, not every time……. Unfortunately, in certain cases, there is no way drying a carpet could help. There are times when the flooded rug can’t be saved, and there is no other way than to replace it. For example – a carpet contaminated with black water. Drying it could help you get rid of the excess water. But what about the bacteria?!! Let us check out what industry standards have to say in this regard.

Do not Dry Carpet Contaminated with Black Water – It is industry standard

Experts can’t save the flooded carpet when it is contaminated by black water. Blackwater means water containing faecal matter. Water that is fully contaminated and is full of bacteria that can be harmful to human health is referred to as black water.

Hence, sewage overflow onto your carpet means you should consider replacing it rather than drying it. After all, there are health risks associated with a drying carpet contaminated with black water.

Drying Carpet with Mould Growth is Not Safe

If you find that the flooded carpet has signs of mould growth, you should consider removing it immediately by water damage restoration experts. This will ensure that the mould contamination is contained and it won’t spread.

A flooded carpet left for 24-48 hours entails a high risk of mould growth. The longer the water sits on the rug, the more likely it is to become contaminated.

Mouldy and contaminated wet carpet creates a moist environment in your water-damaged house or office premises. Mould bacteria multiply fast in a humid climate and spread to other surfaces.

An even bigger concern is that the mouldy wet carpet problem quickly grows into a more serious mould issue. It causes serious health problems for your family members or employees. Therefore, to nip the bud’s situation, make sure you take it seriously in the first place and take smart and prompt moves to deal with it.

Expert flooded Carpet Restoration Experts will try Their best to Save your Carpet 

The reliable team of carpet restoration-experts has the expertise, knowledge, and skills; They will identify if your flooded carpet can be saved or if it will be better to remove it to avoid mould and toxic pathogen contamination-related problems.

The longer the wet carpet is left untreated, the greater damage will occur. Then it will be more costly to restore your wet carpet. However, as long as you rely on professional carpet restoration experts, you can expect a prompt and effective solution at competitive rates.